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School Law


We have represented the Board of Education in Boone County, WV for over twenty-five years. Through the years we have dealt with almost every issue involving school law. We have handled countless grievances, many appeals to the West Virginia Supreme Court, as well as numerous student hearings. We consider ourselves one of the premier school law firms in the state. We are available to advise and represent West Virginia school boards, school board employees or parents.


Sexual and Physical Abuse of Students


We have handled many cases involving students, including special needs students, being physically and sexually abused in the school.  These issues are very sensitive and embarrassing for all those involved.  We will do everything we can to keep the names involved private.  Most civil suits are public record, however, initials of the students may be used instead of the full name.


West Virginia Legal System


The legal process in education law can be very complex in West Virginia.  You will need a lawyer to help guide you through the complicated process.  Because we have been the lawyers for the Board of Education in Boone County for so long, we have gained valuable tips.  We know what to file and where it should be done.  If a person files their complaint in the wrong place in West Virginia they could lose certain rights.  We have seen many individuals make this mistake when they have not hired a lawyer or retained a lawyer that doesn't deal much in school law.


Benefits of Having WV Lawyer


Do not attempt to take on any Board of Education without a lawyer experienced in school law.  There is no question that the Board of Education you will be challenging will have an attorney that is on top of the school law process.  A lawyer experienced in education law will be able to use the West Virginia code to his or her advantage.  There are countless statutes on school law in West Virginia.  Make sure your lawyer is very familiar with these statutes.


Conaway & Conaway PLLC      Lawyers serving West Virginia for  over 35 years 




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